LKeakey Gut

August 16, 2018

One job of Glutathione is to rid the body of ALL foreign antigens, metals, toxins, CANDIDA, virus, bacteria to name a few. When you have a LEAKEY GUT your body has a weakened Immune system. In this situation your body is deficit of Glutathione. To aid the leaky gut you must heal it, in order to do that you must have a Strong and Balanced Immune system, in order to do that you must have adequate Glutathione. In order to gain Glutathione in our cells we must allow them to make their own Glutathione. There is only one real product that aids the cells to do this, GSH-Immunity. It is the most effective and efficient method of replenishing GSH. Contact me through this site for more information and ordering GSH-I and personalized help for recovery.

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